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Welcome to Donna's Holiday Sentiments!
Here you will find popular holidays and observances, featuring animated short stories and poems, free interactive fun and games, virtual visual delights, free all occasion Internet greeting cards and gift guides. Most of the pages have been enhanced with background midi music, each piece carefully chosen to capture the mood of the occasion or sentiment. This site is family friendly, and enjoyed by adults and children alike, so come on in and stay awhile!


Please note that due to changing technology some music and java applets may not load automatically, or simply may not engage at all. I am in the process of upgrading this site to conform with newer standards of web design, so please bear with me as I do some reconstructing.

Animated Holiday Stories and Poems...
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Virtual Screen Savers for holidays and occasionsVirtual Screen Savers
A truly unique gift idea
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Anniversary Gift Guide
Modern and Traditional
Birthday Guide
Birthstones & Flowers
Aromatherapy Guide
Create Synergies

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Interactive entertainment and
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