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Welcome to
Donna's Floral Fantasy!

This beautiful screen saver can be
customized to display your own graphic,
and is suitable for almost any occasion.
Choose a wedding photo, a picture of a
friend or loved one, or simply enjoy the
scene without including any picture at all!
Background music included in the demo is
"Wind Beneath My Wings"

Floral Fantasy

Doves and butterflies flutter above as a flowery landscape reflects in a rippling lake.
The scene ends with doves flying and roses moving on a black background.
Choose to personalize with your digital image.

FREE Trial Demo!
Download Floral Fantasy
Choose from 2 versions:
Wedding or Memorial

Standard copy: $4.00 US
(demo photo removed)

Personalized: $16.00 US
(photo of your choice displayed)

See below for details.

About Registering:

After your screen saver trial demo has been registered, the photo that is displayed in the demo will no longer appear, and any informational text or reminders will also be removed. The Floral Fantasy Screen Saver will then be yours to keep!

Registration of Floral Fantasy, with no photo included is $4.00 US. To register your copy, click the link below.

If you would like a Personalized copy of Floral Fantasy with your own photo displayed, click here to request it, but do not register the trial demo. Personalized Screen Savers are $16.00 US. Send your request, and include the photo you wish to have displayed. The photo must be in jpg, gif or bmp format.

When your Screen Saver has been created, you will receive an email message, and may then download your Personalized Screen Saver. The email message will also include instructions on how to register.

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